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Katieann Browne

"I reached out to Gwen almost a year ago and haven't stopped calling since! Each and every time she works on my horse the difference I feel is unbelievable. He becomes instantly happier, feels incredible, and is an absolute dream to ride. Horses LOVE her! Whenever Gwen comes, it's a good day."

Ellie Laks at the Gentle Barn
"We have 18 horses at The Gentle Barn who were all rescued from severe abuse. Because we take the horses that society has thrown away, they come to us with a lot of physical challenges as well as trust issues.

With respect for the horse, an ear for their voice, and a gentle approach, Gwen is able to ease their discomfort, address soft tissue related problems and relieve pain. This kind approach is so important to us! Gwen, we are grateful for all that you do for our horses and love having you here! Thank you."

Dr. James Travers, DVM for 30 years and Equine Chiropractor for 10 years. "I am pleased with how well Gwen's bodywork techniques complement my equine chiropractic treatments. Our mutual patients benefit from this relationship. I recommend her on cases when massage and other soft tissue therapies are needed."

Sandie Springer,
Sandie Springer Stables

“The Addition of Gwen Bernardo and Rider’s Edge Integrated Equine Bodywork to my horse’s wellness program has maximized each horse’s performance."

As a riding instructor and trainer of 30 years, I have had many occasions to observe the benefits of equine bodywork. Gwen has worked on the horses in my barn ranging from 4-year-olds in training to our more senior school horses. All have benefited from her techniques both physically and, for many of them, mentally. Gwen is very thorough and makes sure that I know what issues she’s encountered. I am very satisfied with Gwen’s work and look forward to having her help keep my barn’s equine athletes at their best."

Maile Steelgrave,
PM Farms
“As an amateur and professional rider over the past 20 years at the upper level, I have used many therapists on my horses including chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage.
In my opinion, Gwen is the one of the best equine body workers I have ever used; she has something extra in her touch with horses. This ability allows tension to be released deeply and freely so that the horses can use their muscles correctly.

She has worked on my 21 year old Hunter/Jumper warmblood who is still competing on the show circuit today. He is very stiff in many areas and his hind lead is not always consistent. She worked on him and three days later he was a completely different horse. He moved more freely, was more balanced, and felt better overall then he has in years. At the show the following weekend, he took first in his under saddle class.

I will continue to use Gwen on a regular basis and recommend her to others who have horses that are in need of bodywork.”

Penny Williams
Carney Corral

Thanks to Gwen's systematic and conscience work, my horse has a new lease on life. She has been the catalyst for the recovery of my 14 yr old Warmblood with EPSM.
My horse, Rio, had been suffering for 6 months with non-specific hind end pain. His discomfort was so intense he wasn’t able to lift his back feet for picking or trimming.
Several vets were unable to pinpoint exactly why Rio was feeling this way. Fortunately, I came across a very experienced vet/chiropractor who suggested Gwen for soft tissue therapy.
I was completely amazed watching Gwen work thoroughly over Rio's body. She indicated where the muscle restriction was and how other parts of his anatomy were compensating.
Rio's results were dramatic. I was thrilled when the day after his first bodywork session he was able to pick up one of his back feet! Wow, we were finally getting somewhere. Gwen continued to work on Rio for the next 2 weeks. He was then able to return to work on a slow constant basis.
8 weeks has passed and he has fully recovered and is pain free. Now he only needs to see Gwen every two to three months to say tuned up.
I sincerely thank you Gwen as I now have a pain free horse!

Roz LaLiberte
Amateur Rider
"Rider’s Edge Equine Massage has helped accelerate my horse's progress in the jumper ring. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of how Casper would react. He can be grumpy with strangers and overly protective of his hind end. However, Casper has had the most dramatic and lasting results through massage and bodywork. He was a horse who had not been able to bend his neck or really lower his head for over 5 years. After just one session with Gwen, Casper was beginning to bend and use his head, neck, and shoulders properly. You should see him now after his bi-monthly treatments!!! Thank you Gwen for making my horse a more comfortable and willing partner."
Nicole Webber, Cal Poly Pomona Hunt Seat Captain
"Dexter has shown a dramatic improvement in his movement and athleticism in just his first session with Gwen. He went from having an uneven gait to one that is even and smooth which has allowed him to start using his body properly. I'm looking forward to watching his improvements grow under Gwen's knowledgable services."
Christie Hadlowe “I just wanted to let you know that my horse felt fabulous at show park and the PCHA finals. You did a fantastic job on him.”
Britt Silverstein Sabbah (eventer) “Thank you so much for keeping Louis tuned up and able to compete successfully at the SR Training Level.”
Kelly Riley “Ride was awesome. The biggest difference was he picked up the gate when I asked for it and held it for the remainder of the ride”. (gated horses)


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