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Saddle Fitting


Gwen and her horse Aladdin
“Correct saddle fit is EXTREMELY important to the longevity of your horse’s career. How often should I have my saddle fit checked? A good rule of thumb is twice a year.

Saddle fitting continues to be a dynamic event due to 3 causes: the rider, the horse, and how they interact via the saddle. Keep in mind that horses (and people) change shape depending on their physical conditioning, nutrition, and amount of training. I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is for your horse’s wellbeing and performance that your saddle be comfortable for both of you. It will ensure that your safety and your horse's health are not compromised.

“Problems that arise from a poorly fitting saddle can be prevented.”
By recognizing the warning signs, you will be better able to recognize a poor saddle fit before it becomes debilitating and irreversible.
Common signs of an ill-fitting saddle:
• White hairs which indicate the blood circulation has been cut off for lengths of time due to pressure
• Soft blisters or hard painless lumps
• Saddle sores and girth galls-dry spots
• Horse is short striding, hollow-backed, and resistant
• Horse is uncomfortable & unwilling to go downhill, jump or make transitions
• Shows signs of disliking the saddle i.e. ears back, tail twisting, biting, and kicking
• Refuses to stand while being mounted- Inability to bend- Unable to travel straight
• Carries tail off to one side- Higher than normal head carriage
• Refuses to pick up hind feet for shoeing
• Changes in the horse's attitude that leads to... refusals, bucking, unruliness, or even becoming dangerous to ride.
Improve Your Horse’s Comfort
Utilizing several tools Gwen can help you evaluate your current English or western saddle and make recommendations for how to improve your saddle fit as well as educate you about what to look for in a new saddle. Gwen will assess any and all saddles you plan to use for its flaws. Even the most minor asymmetry in a saddle can cause great damage to the horse's back. A Port Lewis ® impression pad is used to evaluate the saddle’s fit. This mold is used in a dynamic environment and provides an impartial view of the saddle’s suitability for your horse. Once the saddle has been evaluated, she is able to discuss alternative options if the saddle’s fit is not ideal. It is important to note that Gwen is not affiliated with any saddle brand, thus you are guaranteed an unbiased view and a correct solution to your saddle fit issue.

Saddle Fitting:

Mobile Saddle Fit Service Includes:
 - personal saddle fit education as it applies to your horse 
 - static and moving evaluation of your current saddles (fit, condition & balance)

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