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Gwen working on In The Groove (Cecil).

Rider’s Edge Integrated Equine Bodywork is owned and operated by Gwen Bernardo, E.S.M.T. Gwen is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist through Equissage®. She is a member of the International Equine Body Worker Association and is the Official Equine Bodyworker for the Cal Poly Pomona Equestrian Team.

Horses have always been a passion for Gwen. When her beloved gelding Cecil turned 15, he began to suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain as the result of a long career doing upper level medals and jumpers. It became a natural progression for Gwen to learn how to perform bodywork to ease his discomfort. Cecil has been in full work and competitions thanks to consistent bodywork and monthly sports massage therapy. When people ask Gwen why she chose equine bodywork as her lifelong profession, she just winks and says, "It was Cecil’s idea."

Gwen began Rider’s Edge Integrated Equine Bodywork in 2008 after receiving her foundation training and certification from Equissage (the world’s oldest and foremost animal massage program). In addition to this education, she has over 200 additional hours of advanced education including equine spinal anatomy with Dr. Bill Hampton D.C., equine myofascial release with Jim Pascucci (Advanced Certified Rolfer) and equine structural integration with Jim Masterson. Her ultimate goal is to become a Certified Master Equine Body Worker through Equinology. She is currently working on finishing up the requirements for phase one of that work.

As a National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, amateur triathlete, and hunt seat rider, Gwen understands the rigors and stresses that the body is subjected to during high performance activities. Both pleasure and performance horses benefit from this unique knowledge and how it relates to healing and recuperation. Rider’s Edge has a large and varied clientele in the different disciplines of equestrian sport, from jumpers to racehorses to Prix St. Georges dressage horses.

Gwen Bernardo recognizes the work it takes to be successful in a very competitive industry and takes pride in giving equine athletes that "extra edge." She receives great joy in seeing the achievements of her clients. She wants you and your equine partner to succeed as much as you do and will go the extra mile to help you get there!

My Philosophy

I firmly believe in having the necessary education, knowledge, and experience to perform equine bodywork.

I encourage you, the owner/trainer to take the same precautions in selecting a body worker for your horse as you would in choosing one for yourself.

Bodywork, of any type, is an art form. Anyone can give a rub down, but to successfully perform bodywork and achieve professional results, a therapist must have the necessary skills, talent, training, and background.

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